Disaster in the Gulf

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Gulf oil disaster

This is a disaster; no one in their right mind would say otherwise. While we are stewing in righteous and justified indignation; we need to understand, if we make these oil companies risk averse; we will be the ultimate losers. We need these companies to take risk.

All I’ve heard from the beginning is who’s liable. We are going to hold BP and Trans Ocean responsible and gouge them to the fullest extent of the law. How is this kind of talk helpful when part of the problem is that these guys are already running for cover? For gods sake people think. Real conservatives believe that the government should do what only the government can do and not micromanage every aspect of your life. The Gulf oil disaster is just such a situation where government needed to work to contain the oil spill while industry tried to plug the hole. All we have is a lynch mob of useless politicians with law degrees who would not know science if it bit them on the ass.

Who is really responsible for the worst environmental disaster in America’s history? In my opinion this disaster was caused by the unholy alliance of Government and the environmental lobby. Ridiculous restrictions on exploration and government policies pushed the oil companies out into deep water where they can’t fix things if their fail safes fail. We just had an oil spill in Alaska; a guy went out and fixed it with a wrench because it was onshore and he could get to it. It was after all our government that pushed these companies into deep water.

Obama just gave a speech where he said that the fact that BP was in mile deep water was because all the easily accessible oil was gone. Plain and simple, Obama lied and none of the press core challenged him on it! The government owns one third of this country and 95% of federal lands are off limits to oil exploration. The fact is we need to develop government lands. You may have heard dishonest politicians say America only has a few percent of the worlds oil reserves. Oil reserves refers to known oil containing structures. Oil does not bite you in the ass, you have to look for it and nobody knows how much oil is on federal land. Estimates range from 50 years to 1,000 years on land and in shallow water. In these places even a catastrophic failure could be contained. The total idiocy of banning oil production in ANWAR is unbelievable. Since it may take ten years to develop ANWAR, we need to start now! The same dishonest politicians have claimed oil companies are not using the leases they have. Once again you can blame the environmentalists as there are many reasons for non producing leases.

I neither excuse nor dismiss the abominable behavior BPs executives. This is a catastrophic ecological disaster. I spent many summers on Alabamas Gulf coast. Alabamas Gulf coast is probably the most beautiful place in the world. There is plenty of blame to go around and those that are pointing fingers (the government and environmentalists) are just as guilty as those that are hiding (the executives of BP and Trans Ocean). Instead of pointing fingers we could have set three layer boom completely around the well to contain the spill. The boom would have to rise three feet above the water and have a skirt shat drops 50 feet below the water.

We can’t make these companies so gun shy they stop drilling in deep water. Your clothing, medicines, fertilizers and even wind turbines are made of crude oil. There are over 3,500 wells in the gulf that survived Katrina and function every day with little environmental consequence. By far the most dangerous thing to our environment is the environmental lobby.

These rabid environmentalists are simply elitist that tell us we can’t continue the living standards of Americans while the environmentalists live at five times the consumption rate of the average American. They don’t want to see oil derricks off their beach. They don’t want to see wind turbines either. They don’t want to see power lines which would greatly increase the efficiency of the electric grid thus reducing pollution. They think they are the lords and you are peasants. It was the environmental lobby that put timber companies out of business. Timber companies were the best protector of the environment.

Number of environmentalist lobbying for fusion power: 0

Number of environmentalists living in town houses: 0

Number of environmentalists proposing real solutions: .001%

Number of environmentalists driving gas gulping machines: 89%

We can drill for oil where even catastrophic failures can be contained. In a situation like the BP oil disaster instead of pointing fingers and making threats government and business need to work together to minimize the damage. If we make these companies “risk avers” we will be the big losers. Someone needs to hold the environmental lobby accountable. What would it do to the environment if 50,000,000 Americans started cutting down the forest to heat their houses? Should we start hunting whales again?

In the final analysis we could try something almost unheard of … working together to fix the problem!


Whose Law

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Whose Law?

These guys that make the law keep talking about rule of law. What do they mean? Do they really think that we should march to whatever tune they want to play like mindless automatons?

That is exactly what they think! We the people are puppets and they are pulling the strings. Who is pulling their strings? Could it be corporations, doctors, lawyers, evangelical Christians or Jews? Does it really matter? When governments powers are unrestricted the outcome is never good. I’ve repeatedly mentioned the Middle East as an example of this. The Middle East we know today was made in the U.S.A. I’ve mentioned this as one of the most extreme examples of abusive excesses both the United States and Britain are capable of if the leadership feels unrestricted. Oh, I forgot, the British did the same sorts of things in Ireland a few hundred years ago. That worked out well.

After this latest botched attempt at terrorism in New York; the calls went out from Senator Lieberman and Mayor Bloomberg for more gun control. Gun control was never about protecting the people from violence. Gun control is about protecting the government from descent. Once the people are de-clawed neither your votes nor your rights will have any meaning. At least according to one lady I was talking to, we are close to that already. She was complaining about property taxes being raised three times in six years.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

People today are afraid of their government and the major internet companies folded at the slightest pressure from the government. It seams the people who make the law are not themselves in any way restricted by the law. They claim they were elected. We voted out the Democrats because they were corrupt and the Republicans became even more corrupt. We voted out the Republicans and elected a newcomer as a way of saying none of the above and Obama is straight out of an Orwell novel. Obama has made no attempt to conceal the fact that he wants the government to control every aspect of everybody’s life including the internet.

This is crazy! People think for a minute, please. In the Middle East the right to keep and bare arms was based on ideology, not weather someone was violent. If our government was concerned about people’s safety it would not have declared war against Islam in the first place. The only way you can interpret the “British Mandate” is as a declaration of war against Islam. Furthermore while these idiots get their names on bills and their faces in the papers they are letting this nations dams rot. If even a medium sized dam bursts the death toll could rival a nuclear attack.

Every time someone mentions repairing the infrastructure our congressmen think they have another excuse to buy votes with the taxpayers money. Practical, goal oriented maintenance of the infrastructure is not optional. Maintaining the highways will save more gas than any of these hair brained schemes. Maintaining the dams will save as many lives as preventing a nuclear attack.

Finally how many jobs has our government sent over seas in return for backing one of it’s international agendas. How do you think our ambassadors convince other nations to back us up or at least not veto us in the U.N.?

Our government needs to go on a crash diet and take care of the things that need to be taken care of. The politicians who let the infrastructure fall apart should be publicly embarrassed.


Medical Extortion

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Medical Extortion

 Don’t kid your self; the medical mafia has dropped all pretence of being a professional busyness. The government is forcing people, who can’t afford it, to buy health insurance! That is extortion plain and simple. It was the governments attempt to impose health insurance through tax subsidies that turned a once respectable if somewhat backwards profession into a self entitled mafia. Most people get their health insurance from their employer. Those people were not keeping track of the cost. The employers couldn’t do anything because by now this health insurance had almost become a private entitlement. The insurance companies had a small piece of a giant pie. That pie was growing at a freighting pace. No one was asking about the cost. The only busyness that people don’t ask the price is medicine! The fact that doctors aren’t asked the cost is the very root of the problem. Doctors and their medical minions have been raping this country for 40 years. I say doctors because they are the captains of that industry. The fact is that every part of the medical mafia is bloated. I’m not saying that they started out to rape America; but, medicine just isn’t feeling the pressures that most businesses feel to compete. Every proposed solution is designed to make things easier on doctors when we need to do the opposite.  We need tort reform that protects mom and pop shops from doctors.

What is the point; to trade 70 good years for 90 miserable ones? Does that make any sense? The economic burden of the medical mafia will squash opportunity in this country. Young people will not be able to get jobs and people with jobs will be living just to pay their health insurance. The medical mafia is already the major cause of poverty in this country and poor people over eat, smoke and watch TV because that’s all they can afford to do. Poverty is a most unhealthy condition.

Medical Costs

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Medical costs have been rising out of control ever since the government decided to encourage employers to provide health insurance by tax subsidizing health insurance. That is the government exempted employer health insurance form taxes. Effectively this was handing the medical mafia a blank check and no one should be surprised that the medical mafia continued to write larger and larger checks. 

You can’t cure a diabetic with more sugar. You can’t cure a heroin addict with more heroin. The influx of money has not made our medical mafia innovative and competitive. Our medical mafia is the sickest patient of all. Many think a government takeover of medicine might help but experience has proved that such a government takeover would be a nightmare. Tort reform is often mentioned; but, what kind of tort reform? The fact is the very people who are suing us into poverty (Doctors and Lawyers) are seeking protection for themselves. What kind of tort reform is that? We often think of Doctors and Lawyers as dim bulbs; yet, one subject they are very qualified to deal with is tort reform. That is why it will never happen. The fox is guarding the chicken coup, and both “evil corporations” and individuals will be threatened with law suits for ever. Don’t kid yourself, Doctors are every bit as much a part of this as Lawyers. Physician Heal thy self! The same doctor that is helping a Lawyer to take your last penny will be himself protected from lawsuits, is that fair? We need tort reform that protects individuals, small businesses and the few remaining “evil corporations” that still exist. 

The cost of anything labeled medical is multiplied by ten. Doctors are easy targets but medical greed is endemic to the system. From schools to gloves everything is over priced and everybody looses in the end. The medical Mafia is exempted from the competitive struggles that every other business in the world under goes to survive! When you take an animal from the wild and feed it every day at 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM you get a fat, lazy and unhealthy animal that will loose its ability to survive and die before its time. In precisely the same way the medical mafia with its feeling of entitlement seems unable to cut costs or make a profit. Worse yet their ability to innovate is null. 

Even tried and true technology that everybody else adopted long ago seems to baffle them. For instance the Obama zombies want to give these fat and lazy animals millions of tax dollars to develop a national patient data base. What? Please I have a $10/month web site with access to a SQL server. SQL has a strange command language; but, nothing a reasonably intelligent person couldn’t master in a few days. Not only should no taxpayer money be used to develop this system; but, the Doctors should be forbidden by law from hiring webmasters and forced to learn SQL

Much noise has been made about using “embryonic stem cells”. This is the practice of putting a human embryo in a blender in the hopes some of the liberated cells will do what you want. This is not science. Even if it works you have learned nothing. We would only get a limited benefit while opening the door to cloning people for parts! We have to learn how to activate pre-existing templates at the molecular biophysical level. In English, we need to study hen’s teeth. Hens retain the genetic information for making teeth; but, the template is turned off. Recently people have found out how to turn that template back on. 

As the medical mafia has consumed more and more of the nations economy, obesity has become more and more prevalent. The middle class is under assault, the economic ramifications of the medical mafia make it difficult to afford “fun”. As the middle class becomes an endangered species, obesity increases because the only thing poor people can afford is food. Economic problems (including health) caused by the greed of the medical mafia are doing more harm than their medicine can do good. Now our government is planning to force us to pay the medical mafia! Within your lifetime you will see 100% of your paycheck taken by the government and the medical mafia. People will be forced into abject poverty; which is a notoriously unhealthy situation. We will be living just to live.

Only by cutting the money off can these people be forced to behave like responsible business people rather than the mafia. It was government interference in the first place that created the monster. Government needs to stay out of health care and other private sections of the economy. People need to just say no to doctors. Then modern medicine would have to compete like everybody else. The incompetence and greed that has been the hallmark of medicine would disappear.


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And so beat the drums of war. The very same propaganda we were spoon fed in the months before our glorious war in Iraq. Day after day the news media plays the song about Iran’s brutal crackdown on democracy. I have no love for the religious extremists in Iran or those in the US.; but, Iran was not that democratic when US proxies ran Iran. The US. proxies in Egypt aren’t very democratic either. Our policies in Gaza constitute a brutal crackdown on democracy.

Starting with the election in 2006 when Hamas won an overwhelming victory over Fatah in Palestine; the US imposed sanctions against the Palestinians. During the British Mandate after WWI the British and Americans conspired to force the Palestinians off the green coastal plains of Palestine. We have imposed a policy that gives Jews with no legitimate claim to Palestine all the arable land, all the water and most of the coast line. Palestinians get most of the rocks and all the misery on a couple strips of land destined to be a permanent welfare state. Now the welfare was gone and Fatah was conspiring with Israel and the US to remain in power in spite of the election. Hamas was forced onto the Gaza strip where Hamas “took control” even though they had won the election.

Israel, the US and our proxies in Egypt responded with the Gaza Blockade and the murder of many Hamas officials. Hamas retaliated with glorified bottle rockets. From the beginning this was the mighty super powers of the world against peaceful, pastoral villagers. There is no equivalence here. Palestinians did not invade New York City; Jews from New York City invaded Palestine with the help of Britain and the USA.

Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza (Dec 27, 2008- Jan 18, 2009): At least 1310 Palestinians killed and 5600 wounded. WebGaza.net


On December 27, 2008, after trying to strangle democracy and trying to murder democracy; the United States of America and the Jews of New York City decided to obliterate democracy in the Middle East.

“To a large extent, Israel’s military offensive in Gaza was carried out with weapons, munitions and military equipment supplied by the U.S.A. and paid for with U.S. taxpayers’ money,” Malcolm Smart, Amnesty’s Middle East director, said in the report. CNN 1

Israel’s sadistic war against democracy lasted 22 days. During this war Israel’s indiscriminant violence caused the death of over 300 children.


Among other conclusions, Amnesty said it found no evidence to support Israeli claims that Gaza guerrillas deliberately used civilians as “human shields,” but it did, however, cite evidence that Israeli troops put children and other civilians in harm’s way by forcing them to remain in homes taken over by soldiers. Yahoo News

Particularly disturbing to anyone with a conscience was Israel’s use of “white phosphorus”. Not only does this continue to burn inside people but the burning of elemental phosphorus produces phosphoric acid, seriously sick shit people!

“Yesterday, we saw streets and alleyways littered with evidence of the use of white phosphorus, including still burning wedges and the remnants of the shells and canisters fired by the Israeli army,” said Christopher Cobb-Smith, a weapons expert who is in Gaza as part of the four-person Amnesty International team. Amnesty International

That is a brutal crackdown on democracy. So how can we point to Iran and accuse them of a brutal crackdown?

Governance Universal

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I don’t know I just don’t; our government will be running the car companies, the banks, the railroads and at least one giant insurance company as well as the internet. I’m not one of these people that thinks the government can’t do anything right. The government was designed to govern by consent of the people and in most cases it does that fairly well. The government was never designed to run automobile companies.


We the people need to look at the problems and the proposed solutions:


Automobile companies had a monkey on their back, the UAW and other unions. I saw what the unions, backed up by their political supporters, did to steel plants. GM and Chrysler needed to go into bankruptcy from the beginning to get this monkey off their backs. Instead a deal was made that the union would get shares of GM for concessions that never happened. This was like getting equity in your house before you pay the first mortgage payment. Honest share holders, pension plans were robed and villainized by Obama on behalf of the UAW. Our government helped the union tighten it coils around GM and cost the country billions of dollars. GM will eventually become politically correct (PM) motors, building cars nobody wants. By the way, I do not mean to be an apologist for poor corporate governance; but, it is a private matter for the share holders. Last November the voters got to choose between dumb and dumber, sometimes share holders are not given a much better choice for corporate leadership. I don’t know how to impose wisdom on corporate executives.


Banks and real-estate investors were forced to make risky loans by the government. Values of the real-estate were inflated by artificially low interest rates. The artificially low interest rates were then raised too much too fast possibly in response to dept accumulating from our holly wars. The government then imposed a draconian accounting system called “Mark-to-Market”. Distressed mortgages were written in the books as 0! Effectively the government bankrupted anyone who invested in real-estate. All those whose expertise were in these matters said “eliminate Mark-to-Market accounting rules”. Dropping interest rates helped also.


Health care is about to bankrupt the country. Many people think that nationalized healthcare is the solution. Long ago someone decided that health insurance should not be taxed. Our government wanted business to provide health insurance to people. The problem was that nobody was watching the money. If people had to pay out of pocket they would look at the doctor and say “your nuts”. The medical mafia has grown up feeling entitled to huge amounts of money and the AMA is one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington. The fact that so many people did not have health insurance was the free enterprise system reacting to medical greed. Our medical system was pricing itself out of business. I have long said that the only way to fix medicine was to cut the money off and medical benefits should be taxed no more or less than anything else.


In each case a representative government, representing the legitimate aspirations of hard working people, meddled in an area the government should have kept out of. Now our government will run the economy based on what will get the politicians votes. Operating by public consensus is a great idea for a government but a bad idea for a business. Lawyers and “financers” do not know how to run car companies, banks or hospitals. Personally I am convinced that that our government has put us on the road to national fiscal suicide!

National Fiscal Suicide

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The Stimulus and the Bailout it seems like allot of money. Does anybody have a grip on that money? I think you would need a building full of accountants just to have a clue were it’s all going and who is going to pay for it all. I have only their word that people with law degrees and no real world experience know how to fix everything. Please forgive me if I am skeptical about the ability of lawyers to fix anything. Daniel Hannan said “it’s difficult for elected officials to say a situation is beyond their control”. The government is supposed to govern! For the government to be all things to all people is national fiscal suicide. They spend money like there is no tomorrow and print money as if the dollar has some intrinsic value which it does not. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are driving this nation to the brink of a nineteen-eighties like fiscal disaster. I lived through the nineteen-eighties and it was a nightmare. The “spenders” have already begun to drive the nations bond rating down.

There are those that believe that the government can take a dollar from someone’s pocket and give someone a dollar; a zero sum gain. There is no zero sum gain, after all remember that building full of accountants. If the government gives someone a dollar it has to take two dollars from someone else; a net loss. If fiscal imprudence drives down the bond rating this net loss becomes even worse because interest rates go up.

I’m not saying that I agree with everything the “Dissenters” say; but you should listen to these people. Some of what they say makes more sense than anything the “Spenders” are saying.

“You can not carry on forever squeezing the productive bit of the economy in order to fund an unprecedented engorgement of the unproductive bit. You cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of dept.” Daniel Hannan

“Congress is behaving like drug addicts who must hit rock bottom before they are ready to face reality.” Ron Paul

“Israel and its American supporters have made discussing the issue of Israel difficult and politically dangerous in the United States. A term that is never defined as “hate speech” is the epithet “anti-Semite,” which is so often hurled at Americans by Americans to preempt debate on the U.S.-Israeli relationship.” Michael Scheuer

I had considered that we should keep our industry and outsource our government. It seems President Obama has beaten me to it as he has placed the White House under the control of the Israeli Defense Force. Some might like to think that our unholy crusade against Islam is a separate issue all together; they are wrong! The fact is that tanks are not economical; jets use more fuel just to get off the ground than your SUV will use all year and the cost of our war is a major factor in our national fiscal suicide. 

“Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence … the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government. But that jealousy, to be useful, must be impartial, else it becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense against it.” George Washington 1796 (I hope you know who he is)