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Whose Law

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Whose Law?

These guys that make the law keep talking about rule of law. What do they mean? Do they really think that we should march to whatever tune they want to play like mindless automatons?

That is exactly what they think! We the people are puppets and they are pulling the strings. Who is pulling their strings? Could it be corporations, doctors, lawyers, evangelical Christians or Jews? Does it really matter? When governments powers are unrestricted the outcome is never good. I’ve repeatedly mentioned the Middle East as an example of this. The Middle East we know today was made in the U.S.A. I’ve mentioned this as one of the most extreme examples of abusive excesses both the United States and Britain are capable of if the leadership feels unrestricted. Oh, I forgot, the British did the same sorts of things in Ireland a few hundred years ago. That worked out well.

After this latest botched attempt at terrorism in New York; the calls went out from Senator Lieberman and Mayor Bloomberg for more gun control. Gun control was never about protecting the people from violence. Gun control is about protecting the government from descent. Once the people are de-clawed neither your votes nor your rights will have any meaning. At least according to one lady I was talking to, we are close to that already. She was complaining about property taxes being raised three times in six years.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

People today are afraid of their government and the major internet companies folded at the slightest pressure from the government. It seams the people who make the law are not themselves in any way restricted by the law. They claim they were elected. We voted out the Democrats because they were corrupt and the Republicans became even more corrupt. We voted out the Republicans and elected a newcomer as a way of saying none of the above and Obama is straight out of an Orwell novel. Obama has made no attempt to conceal the fact that he wants the government to control every aspect of everybody’s life including the internet.

This is crazy! People think for a minute, please. In the Middle East the right to keep and bare arms was based on ideology, not weather someone was violent. If our government was concerned about people’s safety it would not have declared war against Islam in the first place. The only way you can interpret the “British Mandate” is as a declaration of war against Islam. Furthermore while these idiots get their names on bills and their faces in the papers they are letting this nations dams rot. If even a medium sized dam bursts the death toll could rival a nuclear attack.

Every time someone mentions repairing the infrastructure our congressmen think they have another excuse to buy votes with the taxpayers money. Practical, goal oriented maintenance of the infrastructure is not optional. Maintaining the highways will save more gas than any of these hair brained schemes. Maintaining the dams will save as many lives as preventing a nuclear attack.

Finally how many jobs has our government sent over seas in return for backing one of it’s international agendas. How do you think our ambassadors convince other nations to back us up or at least not veto us in the U.N.?

Our government needs to go on a crash diet and take care of the things that need to be taken care of. The politicians who let the infrastructure fall apart should be publicly embarrassed.