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Medical Extortion

Posted in Talking Trash on September 24, 2009 by ditelhead

Medical Extortion

 Don’t kid your self; the medical mafia has dropped all pretence of being a professional busyness. The government is forcing people, who can’t afford it, to buy health insurance! That is extortion plain and simple. It was the governments attempt to impose health insurance through tax subsidies that turned a once respectable if somewhat backwards profession into a self entitled mafia. Most people get their health insurance from their employer. Those people were not keeping track of the cost. The employers couldn’t do anything because by now this health insurance had almost become a private entitlement. The insurance companies had a small piece of a giant pie. That pie was growing at a freighting pace. No one was asking about the cost. The only busyness that people don’t ask the price is medicine! The fact that doctors aren’t asked the cost is the very root of the problem. Doctors and their medical minions have been raping this country for 40 years. I say doctors because they are the captains of that industry. The fact is that every part of the medical mafia is bloated. I’m not saying that they started out to rape America; but, medicine just isn’t feeling the pressures that most businesses feel to compete. Every proposed solution is designed to make things easier on doctors when we need to do the opposite.  We need tort reform that protects mom and pop shops from doctors.

What is the point; to trade 70 good years for 90 miserable ones? Does that make any sense? The economic burden of the medical mafia will squash opportunity in this country. Young people will not be able to get jobs and people with jobs will be living just to pay their health insurance. The medical mafia is already the major cause of poverty in this country and poor people over eat, smoke and watch TV because that’s all they can afford to do. Poverty is a most unhealthy condition.