Who Killed the Conservatives?

So who killed the conservative movement, besides…? 

George W. Bush...42

George W. Bush...42

What does it mean to be conservative? Consider that miracle in Philadelphia that took place in the sweltering summer of 1787. It was no accident that the constitution was not forged by Harvard law professors or that mealy mouthed slime we have in Washington today. Please make note that these were two fisted, hard drinking, pot smoking, and woman chasing[1] men that had stood off the world’s superpower. They had made the dangerous journey from their provinces to Philadelphia and they could have stood toe to toe with any LA gang member today. These men meant what they said and said what they meant. Each phrase and punctuation in our constitution was fought over in the state house and in the ale house. These fights were bitter and continued long after the constitution was ratified. A balance must be struck between tyrannical central authority and regional thiefdoms, keeping both in check[2]. The rebalancing of power is continually readjusted even today. 

To be conservative simply means to think twice before going beyond the bounds of the constitution. This is a philosophy founded on limited government to promote free markets and free people. The conservative philosophy is not an ideology but a philosophy that for two centuries has allowed competing ideologies and religions to coexist. 

So what went wrong? Political conservatives have been linked to religious extremists. Some of the biggest offenders here are the three stooges of Fox News

The Three Stooges

In the early days of the “Reagan Revolution” when 40 years of “Obama economics” had nearly destroyed our nation; conservatives believed they needed the “Evangelical Christians” to win. Conservatives made a deal with the devil. The liberals, who want to discredit conservatives often, refer to fundamentalist lunatics as religious conservatives or the religious right. I was raised mainstream Protestant and there is nothing conservative about these radical spinoffs of the Protestant religion. Real conservatives must separate themselves from both Christian and Jewish extremism. Socialism does not work and Zionism is premeditated murder! There are a thousand other religious ideologies[3] that are killing the conservative movement now. We vote for political and fiscal conservatives and get religious fundamentalists that spend like drunken sailors on their “Holly War”. 

It’s time for conservatives to leave the neo-cons and religious lunatics and take their chances with a philosophy founded on limited government to promote free markets and free people as the framers of the constitution had intended. Fox news should stop associating Political and Fiscal Conservatives with religious nuts; that’s Bill Maher’s job.

 [1] Ben Franklin’s libido was legendary even at 70. If your libido needs a bailout please check out the sizzling psychosexual cyber-erotica of: Nudes News, Busty Nudes News and Naughty Nudes.

 [2] Do not think of this balance between a central government (out of touch with the people) and local governments (which can be more susceptible to corruption) as historical or academic. Two hundred years later and half a world away this very issue was fought over in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. 

[3] As far as I am concerned “Gay Marriage” is an oxymoron; but, if some activist jurist imposed that on us, it would be the least of my problems. I am far more worried about the federal government growing out of control.


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