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Limits of Governance

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Gun control, Web control, Mind control

The men in power.

 They made me read Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four. I had to make a book report about how this totalitarian regime used electronic media to brainwash people. My report said that the electronic media made totalitarianism very difficult and I laughed at my teacher. Never in a thousand years did I think it could happen here. My teacher had the last laugh! 

Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul

I don’t have much time, they’re coming, and it’s just a matter of time.  “They” will shut down this blog like they did the others. “They” will do almost anything to stop it. It is a document considered so dangerous and subversive that merely possessing it can bring scandal. Even the prominent Dr. Paul has been slandered for publicly affiliating himself with this document. If “they” find out you have it; you could be labeled a subversive, radical or even a terrorist.



I don’t have much time; “they” are coming and I’m so tired. You don’t know me; I would not blame you if you went to another web site now. Maybe you think I’m nuts or paranoid; maybe I am, I hope so. My teacher said that the electronic media could be used to, to, excuse me, to brainwash all of us. The electronic media can also be used to preserve the truth. In spite of all the dangers I’m asking you; no, I’m begging you to download the document, make copies and hide them. Copy the document onto your flash drives, your floppy disks and your CDs. “They” can’t get all of the copies, can they?


Why would you do such a thing, risk scandal and embarrassment?


I don’t know; I would not blame you if you left. You don’t know me or what’s on the other side of the link. People who don’t know either of us risked their reputations, their fortunes and even their lives so you could copy this document.


Why would anybody risk anything for this document?


The document is considered subversive because it prescribes theoretical limits of governance. This document proposes limits beyond which the men in power should never reach. As you might guess the men in power don’t like that. “They” don’t want you to have the document. “They” don’t want to read the document. “They” don’t want you to discuss the document.


They’re here; I’ve got to go. With some luck maybe it will take “them” several months to trace this blog. Maybe some people will have a chance to copy the document for their Posterity.


 We the People


In the near future a man uses an illegal laptop to hack into the internet which is now highly restricted. With the secret police hot on his trail he tries desperately to upload a copy of the original constitution before it was “improved”. For that matter how do you know “they” have not already improved the constitution? Wasn’t that what that fellow, Winston Smith did in Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-four”, improved documents that contradicted current ideology? The only way you can prevent “them” from improving the constitution any more is to save several copies for your posterity.


It’s so easy to piecemeal, pick and peal people’s rights away. Pot smokers did not care about the right of beer drinkers, prohibition 1920. Cigarette smokers did not care about the rights of pot smokers, Marijuana Tax Act in 1937. Now cigarettes are banned in public places and “they” are pursuing the same kind of propaganda campaign they used against marijuana. Gays and blacks had a very legitimate issue with “hate speech”; but, Jews have committed war crimes using hate speech prohibitions as cover. This is precisely why our constitution protects the right to free speech. Christians don’t care about the rights of Muslims. Our constitution was framed in the context of a thousand years of European religious persecution. People who do not own guns don’t care about gun owners rights. Be very carful here, government controls on gun ownership are based on ideology not weather someone presents a danger to the community. There are a lot of strange people out there who own guns and never hurt anybody. People who use the web to look at cosmology don’t care about those that use the web to look at nudes. That brings us back to our hero desperately trying to propagate the original and unimproved version of the constitution on the new and “improved” (restricted) web.


This is all just my opinion and my opinion never mattered to anyone but me.